Coronavirus outbreak


A letter to our customers

Dear customer,

On behalf of all Altares employees, I would like to address you directly about the recent developments concerning the coronavirus pandemic.

The coronavirus is first and foremost affecting our health, it is also harshly hitting the world economy. In these uncertain times, I would like to assure you that the Altares community is extensively mobilised to ensure the continuity of its activities and to enable you to carry out your work properly.

Continuity of our teams’ work

It is our duty as citizens to strictly comply with the health regulations and to protect our employees, customers, partners and assets. Therefore, all our employees and associates are working from home. For years Altares has deployed processes and technology to allow its staff to efficiently work remotely in the best conditions. Requests from our customers are being carried out according to the same high standards as you would expect from us.

Continuity of our solutions

Altares has an IT business continuity plan that guarantees the security of our systems and the availability of our solutions and services. A Crisis Management Team, bringing together Altares’ operational leaders, has been in place for several weeks. We meet every day to detect, analyse, respond to and anticipate critical situations in this exceptional context and make all the necessary decisions in real time.

Continuity of our commitment

Like thousands of companies, you use our data daily to manage risks both domestically and around the world. It is our duty, as experts in business information, to be highly capable, even more today than yesterday in these times of great uncertainty, of providing you with the insights you need to make your decisions with confidence. Our teams are always by your side.

Continuity of our service

Our customer support department remains available to answer any questions you may have. You can reach them by email at or by calling them on +31 (0)10 710 95 60

The Altares staff and I are entirely committed to facing this crisis and its aftermaths hand in hand with you in order to tackle your difficulties and mitigate your risks as much as possible.

On behalf of all Altares employees, I would like to thank you for your unwavering trust.

Luc Querton
President and Chief Executive Officer

Corona update

Watch the replay of our global webinar

  • Monday 16 March
  • 14:00 hrs CET
  • How the precautions taken to prevent the spread of the virus are affecting local and global economies, as well as business operations, as organisations struggle to navigate uncertainty.
  • The impact on businesses’ supply chains and how you can identify and mitigate risk beyond your direct suppliers to minimise disruption.
  • How business operations are resuming in China, with a look at the local economic situation.

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Business verification

Verify the identity of your business partners within 10 seconds. International corporate hierarchies included.

Supply Chain mapping

Avoid disruptions and stay aware of potential risk. Identify the most reliable trading partners.

Portfolio Management

Quickly locate possible risk within your supplier- and customer portfolio.

Live alerts

Stay on top of changing circumstances and monitor solvability by creating alerts, based on your interests.

Risk monitoring

Set the right terms and agreements based on the risk profiles of your business relations to secure cashflow.

Predictive indicators

Protect your business and anticipate the solvability of your relations. Consult benchmarks, predictive behaviour.

Vendor Due diligence

Accept new suppliers based on complete background information.

Outstanding invoices

Upload your accounts receivable data to easily manage your outstanding invoices.

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Our data analysts and Dun & Bradstreet analysts from all over the world are closely monitoring the situation surrounding the corona crisis. Risk assessment models are being updated globally at a local level.

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