I want to estimate the risks involved with prospects

Various business decisions have to be made quickly when a new customer comes along. Should you accept the customer? Can you supply the customer on credit and, if so, under what conditions? Reliable information on your business relations is essential for making the right choices.

Know who you are doing business with!

It is essential to have a proper idea of your customers’ financial health at all times. Business decisions are often based on two things: intuition and the right information. We like to leave intuition to you but our area of expertise are reliable information on your business relationship. What do you actually know about your new customer? Is the company concerned ‘healthy’? What is the likelihood of insolvency? Will payments be made on time? What about creditworthiness? The Dun & Bradstreet datacloud can answer these questions. The database contains reliable information on more than 200 million companies. This business information helps you make the right decisions to avoid write-offs and to reduce your DSO.

Acceptance proces

Take well-founded and consistent decisions quickly in the process of accepting new customers.

Credit limit

Having information on creditworthiness makes it easier for you to decide whether to supply a new customer on credit and under what conditions.


Avoid depreciations as a result of the insolvency of new customers by properly screening them before acceptance. Take appropriate measures for high-risk customers.

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