Get a Dun & Bradstreet Business Information Report

Are you looking for information about a (potential) customer or supplier? Request a Dun & Bradstreet Business Information Report here to see what the financial situation and payment behavior is.

Check the creditworthiness of your business relations

The Altares – Dun & Bradstreet company (credit) reports help to make daily credit decisions, analyze the financial strength of a company and discover commercial opportunities.

The company (credit) reports contain the most up-to-date information, through the direct link with 30,000 data sources and makes a clear translation to risk assessment.

Want to make more use of credit reports within your organization?

In addition to the possibility of applying for company reports within the BeNeLux, it is also possible to request reports from company’s outside the BeNeLux through the international database of Altares – Dun & amp; Bradstreet.

You get access to the company reports via an online platform or through a full integration into your CRM or ERP system. With this you receive the most up-to-date information which can easily be shared with colleagues.