D&B Credit

Benefit from reliable insights about your business relations. How can you anticipate developments within your debtors portfolio or the solvability of other relations? Prevent, manage and quickly make the right decisions with D&B Credit.

D&B Credit

Risk & portfolio management

D&B Credit

Risico & portfolio management

Verify, analyse and monitor your third parties’ business performance and risk profile. From efficient customer onboarding to managing your debtors portfolio: D&B Credit offers you the right insights to minimize risk exposure and set priorities.


Risk profiles

Set the right terms and agreements based on the risk profiles of your business relations to optimize cashflow.

Predictive indicators

Protect your business and anticipate the solvability of your relations. Consult benchmarks, predictive behaviour and more.

Company reports

Gain insight into the business performance of an organization in several areas.

Portfolio management

Get a clear view on your segmented portfolio to prioritize. Quickly locate possible risk within your customer portfolio.

D&B Credit Advantage

Managing outstanding invoices

D&B Credit Advantage

Upload your own data for 360º risk analyses

Get an overview on the risk of your outstanding invoices. Upload and combine internal invoice data with Dun & Bradstreet’s risk indicators to segment outstanding invoices on delinquent payers. Quickly set priorities and decrease your DSO.


Cashflow improvements

Set agreements based on the overall risk profile of your relationship and improve the cash flow

Portfolio segmentation

Quickly set the right priorities by segmenting your debtors and outstanding invoices on delinquency.

Allround risk analyses

Combine risk indicators, payment behaviour and company profiles with your internal data for allround risk analyses

Real-time monitoring

Monitor debtors or customer on changes to anticipate occurring risk

Risk indicators

Payment behaviour & Company performance

Industry Trading Activities

Social events

Board members & Employees

Legal events

Geographical data

International company structures

Your goals, multiple options.

Innovative, comprehensive and dynamic: D&B Credit is Dun & Bradstreet’s newest Credit Risk Intelligence platform. Quickly make strategic decisions, build the best relationships and realize growth with all Credit Risk insights at hand. Choose the module that fits your needs.

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Business Credit Reports

Country risk information

Credit risk scores & ratings

Payment behavior

Legal events

Financial insights


Corporate hierarchies

Social news


Portfolio segmentation

Upload accounts receivable data

Combine datasets

Segment outstanding invoices

Overall risk of invoices

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