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Leverage our ESG-insights to assess and track the ESG-performance and assets of business relationships.

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ESG-insights for selecting sustainable business relationships

Establishing business relationships with ethical companies is one of the growing priorities for companies to mitigate risk, increase resilience and improve business performance. Altares' Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) insights make selecting ethical and sustainable third parties easier than ever.

ESG Ranking Report (free)

Need essential ESG insights about your customers or suppliers? Choose the free ESG Ranking Analysis and receive a comprehensive report with key insights.

D&B ESG Platform

One powerful platform for managing and maintaining sustainable relationships worldwide. Makes selecting ethical and sustainable third parties easier than ever.

Are you already using Ecovadis' sustainability ratings? Find out how to integrate them into our all-in-one KYC solution indueD.

sustainability FRAMEWORKS

Measuring, benchmarking and reporting on ESG

Delve into the details of each environmental, social and governance factor to produce reports that help you identify emerging risks. Our ESG-rankings are structured around leading sustainability frameworks, including:

Carbon Disclosure Project
Global Reporting Initiative
United Nations Sustainable
Development Goals
United Nations Principles 
for Responsible Investment
Task Force Climate-related Financial Disclosures
Sustainability Accounting
Standards Board

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Free ESG Ranking Analysis

Our FREE ESG Ranking Analysis provides a snapshot of your third parties' ESG-risks, broken down by theme and compared to industry averages.

A single source for reliable ESG-data

Our data is collected from millions of verified and globally trusted sources to produce detailed ESG-rankings for 31 specific topics covering 13 ESG themes:

Natural Resources

Here we look at water related factors such as water management, waste management and biodiversity.

GHG Emissions

Factors such as greenhouse gases and climate risks are considered here.

Environmental Risks

It looks at the extent to which a company is 'environmental compliant'.

Environmental Opportunities

Opportunities exploited by companies in the field of climate, but also certifications play a role here.

Product & Service

Cyber risks, but also quality management of products (think food for example) play a role in this theme.

Customer Engagement

The way of handling privacy and data of customers is important here, but also the piece on product & service is important.

Human Capital

What about employee health and safety? How diverse is the workplace and is there enough training offered?

Community Engagement

This is a mix of a company's philanthropy, and how customer engagement scores.

Supplier Engagement

This includes the trade information regarding suppliers.


Think especially of socially related certifications such as the SA8000.

Corporate Governance

Transparency of the organization, ethics and accountability of the board are important factors here.

Corporate Behaviors

Here, attention is paid to governance-related certifications, but also to corporate compliance behaviors.

Business Sustainability

This topic looks at the degree of resilience and sustainability of a company.

What can we help you with?

With a free ESG Ranking Analysis you can get a snapshot of your third parties, broken down by theme. For in-depth analysis or more complex third party ESG-risk issues, we have several tools that can be easily integrated into existing systems.

Request the free ESG Ranking Analysis and discuss your company's score with our consultant.

With ESG-Insights it is possible to get your own ESG-score and compare it to the industry average. You can also see in what percentile your company performs within the same industry.

To see how many sources were used in calculating a company's ESG-score, a letter is assigned to the company. At A most of the data is available and used for the analysis, at I only a self-assessment was used.

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