Credit Risk Management

Finding a balance between achieving growth and avoiding risk remains a challenge within credit management. The organization wants to achieve growth by acting with the right parties, creating opportunities and possibly eliminating risk. How do you find balance in this? Decide on the basis of data and insights.

Real-time Credit Management

Automate decision processes with verified data and insights. Stop wasting time on manual searches and make decisions based on facts. The result? Growth and efficiency.

Risk Management

Whether your business relations extend across cities or across the globe, Altares Dun & Bradstreet provides data, analysis and insights to manage risk with a clear vision. Live Business Identity – a cornerstone of our Data Cloud – keeps track of business activities and keeps our data constantly up to date so you can stay ahead of change.

Profitable growth

Use data and analysis to accelerate revenue, identify new opportunities and achieve operational efficiency. We help finance departments across the Netherlands to monitor business growth with insights delivered directly from our Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud or via our Data Cloud solutions.

Insight and efficiency in credit management

Business verification

Are you sure the entity you’re trading with actually exists? Verify the entity, international business structure and beneficial owners at the touch of a button.

Credit rating

Who are these people involved? Screen the ‘roots’ of this entity, underlying parties and individuals on all sanction and PEP lists worldwide.

Predictive power

Protect your company from financial or political crime. Keep up to date with changes and developments in your portfolio to prevent fraud and money laundering.


Document all findings and official information in an online environment, so you always have it at hand. Not only does it work faster, it’s also safer.

Efficient customer on-boarding & monitoring

Can’t you find any information? Please contact us, and we will start an investigation with you to help you.

All the crucial insights for a watertight process

Company data

Verify the identity of the party with whom you do business and consult their risk profile.

Corporate structures

Discover international connections with underlying parties to which a company is related.

Directors & UBO

Mapping directors and identifying underlying stakeholders to know who you ultimately do business with

Payment behaviour

Screen both companies and individuals on all sanction lists worldwide, for a solid portfolio.

Risk indicators

In addition to scores and predictive models, consult other insights that help to avoid risks.

Court rulings

Consult documentation on news or court rulings as an additional substantiation


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