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+500 million company records from 30.000 sources, updated 5 million times a day globally.
Our database provides company profiles of any business entity registered worldwide. 
We transform our data into predictive models and analytics.


A single source of truth

The quantity of data in your organisation is growing rapidly, which is why it becomes difficult to streamline, structure or transform relevant data into valuable insights. Use our data and unique coding as the foundation for your master data: one structured view on the most important information of your business relations.


Data elements we offer

The global business universe. Company profiles of every business entity registered worldwide, including corporate hierarchies, business performance indicators, trade information and continuous activity monitoring. Our trusted data and predictive models support our customers in revenue acceleration, cost reduction and risk avoidance.
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Board members

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Contact details

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Group structures

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Commercial activities

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Collection files

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Court judgments

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Media communications

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Import and export data

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Payment behavior

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Turnover figures

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Balance sheets

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Number of employees

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Board members

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Sanction lists

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Ultimate Beneficial Ownership


Our data sources

30.000 information sources and a global network of data providers and trade partners. With our partner network we collect, structure and maintain world’s biggest commercial database since 1841. From local registers up to courts, debt collection agencies and social events: we offer the most complete and verified overview of not only today’s industry, but also tomorrow’s.
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Data quality

Ensuring high quality data

Our ability to turn an enormous stream of data into high quality business information is what sets us apart from our competitors. Dun & Bradstreet ensures globally consistent data through a patented quality process, which enables us to provide timely and accurate information. Curious? Discover our truly innovative DUNSRight proces.


Our data in your organization

Depending on your needs, we offer multiple ways to use our data. Whether you need raw data or our “ready-to-use” analytics, we can help standardise your data and allow it to connect into the technology or workflow you choose, and seamlessly integrate with other data sources anywhere and everywhere.
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Smart insights to shape your future

At Altares, we unlock your growth opportunities and protect your business by providing in-depth knowledge of your existing and future customers, suppliers and partners with expert solutions fully embedded in your strategic and operational decision processes thanks to access to the world’s largest B2B data network.

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What can we help you with?

Did a promising lead come in? Good for you! But now it's time to make some business decisions. Are you going to accept him as a customer? Can he buy on credit, and if so on what terms? When making these decisions, use our reliable business information, such as our credit risk data. Then you avoid doing business with companies that actually cannot meet their financial obligations. Read more.

Knowledge and understanding of your market is critical to your success. The Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud is the largest of its kind and allows you to conduct comprehensive analysis, understand your market share and market penetration, and uncover growth opportunities.

How many companies are there actually within a particular region and how big are these companies? How many companies are active within a specific branch and how many people are employed there? You can quickly and easily make counts and selections in D&B's international companies database on the basis of many criteria. This gives you an insight into where you can best focus your efforts and where your chances of success are the greatest. Read More

By integrating our rich database into your ERP system, you can benefit in many ways. For example, you clean up and keep your data clean throughout your organization. You can validate and enrich your customer and prospect information directly from your business application. Current information becomes instantly accessible within your ERP and you can use it to automate your acceptance process and improve scoring model. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version) Read more.

Almost 70% of Dutch BVs are linked via shares to another company in the Netherlands or internationally. More than 30% of Dutch BVs and NVs have a link to foreign companies. The Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud is the most complete and reliable source for insight into the Dutch and foreign relationships of your business partners, ranging from small unknown companies to the largest multinationals with thousands of branches. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version) Read more.

An initial check when selecting a supplier is not sufficient. It is then important to make all changes in risks transparent and to monitor them. This keeps you informed exactly how the risks in your total supply chain are developing. Only with this information can you correctly assess all risks within your portfolio. Read more.

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