Procurement departments are under increasing pressure to reduce costs, mitigate risk, prevent business disruption, protect brand image and speed up the due diligence process. Advanced analysis enables you to proactively and systematically identify and assess suppliers.

Strengthen existing relationships with suppliers through data and insights

Procurement managers rely on in-depth, reliable insights to efficiently meet business expectations. More regulation, new levels of transparency driven by social media and increased pressure to be part of the strategy to grow the business have motivated procurement professionals like you to build a strong partner network.

Third-Party Risk Management

Companies need full trust and transparency in their suppliers. With Altares Dun & Bradstreet’s Third-Party Risk Management solutions, you can carry out due diligence checks to ensure ethical and responsible relationships.

Optimize your supplier base

Save on supplier onboarding and select the right companies to work with using verified data from the Dun & Bradstreet data cloud. Our data cloud contains information on more than 330 million companies from more than 220 markets.

Prevent business disruptions

Disruptions due to problems with suppliers can damage growth prospects. Avoid making the wrong supplier choices and centralize risks. Live Business Identity – at the heart of Dun & Bradstreet’s DataCloud – provides a comprehensive, up-to-date view of relationships, including business structures for better insight.

Prevent reputational damage

Through a systematic approach to third-party due diligence to minimize risk while protecting your brand, Altares Dun & Bradstreet provides you with the 360-degree insights you need into business partners, as well as screening to ensure full compliance with ABAC, AML, sanctions and other global regulations.

This is how our insights help compliance policies

Business verification

Are you sure the entity you’re trading with actually exists? Verify the entity, international business structure and beneficial owners at the touch of a button.


Who are these people involved? Screen and monitor the ‘roots’ of this entity, underlying parties and individuals on all sanction and PEP lists worldwide.

Efficient customer on-boarding

The onboarding process of your suppliers has never gone so smoothly. Use the world’s largest commercial database to get all the information rapidly available. Easily access our data in your ERP systems.

Predicting emerging risks

Monitor your supplier database in real time. Receive notifications and alerts on important events such as court rulings or when our rating and scores give rise to them. Prevent revenue loss and take timely action.

Protect your brand reputation

Protect your company from financial or political crime. Keep up to date with changes and developments in your portfolio to prevent fraud and money laundering.

All the crucial insights for a watertight policy


Know who you are dealing with and verify the identity of your suppliers.

Vendor Due diligence

Accept new suppliers based on complete background information.

Risk analysis

Estimate the risk of new or existing suppliers and their surroundings.

Spend management

Take advantage of a clean supplier base without duplicates. Identify corporate structures and purchase more cheaply at group level.

Supply Chain optimalization

Avoid disruptions and stay aware of potential risk. Identify the most reliable trading partners.

Manage portfolio

Analyze and monitor your supplier portfolio at a glance.

Sanctions and PEP lists

Screen both companies and individuals on all sanction lists worldwide, for a solid portfolio.

Risk indicators

In addition to scores and predictive models, consult other insights that help to avoid risks.

Official documentation

Consult documentation on news or court rulings as an additional substantiation


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