Our data is used by more than 100,000 organizations worldwide.

Important information about our products and services during the coronavirus pandemic. Stay informed.

The coronavirus is first and foremost affecting our health, it is also harshly hitting the world economy. In these uncertain times, I would like to assure you that the Altares community is extensively mobilised to ensure the continuity of its activities and to enable you to carry out your work properly.

Operational status

Customer Services Operational
Customer Operations Operational
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The impact

Data as fuel for growth

Expand your knowledge, anticipate developments and grow the most valuable business relationships. With our data and solutions, your organization achieves significant business results in the most efficient way.

Our data

World’s official reference

Information on +300 million business entities worldwide: our database is an interminable source of valuable, commercial insights used by 90% of all fortune 500 organizations. Always presented in one consistent way.

The convenience

Real-time data across your enterprise

Integrate with our database and benefit from a 360 ° view on your relationships across multiple systems. Experience the efficiency of automation and phenomenal business results through high quality data.

A structured basis

Harmonize relevant data-elements as a solid basis for growth


Spread a single truth across multiple departments, from one reliable overview.

Real-time and reliable

Always accurate information at hand, directly where you need it.

Translated into insights

Transform data into analytics, understandable for every professional

For faster decision-making

Less manuel research, quicker decision making with the right insights at hand

And outstanding results

Have you brought together relevant, high quality data? Experience the benefits!


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