Potential Sanction Scan

Potential Sanction Scan

What is the Potential Sanction Scan?

The Potential Sanction Scan is for companies who want to discover which of their customers and suppliers have a presence in Russia and Belarus, now that new sanctions are being imposed regularly by various governments. The Potential Sanction Scan analyzes your portfolio and identifies the Global Ultimate Parent (GUP), the Domestic Ultimate Parent (DUP) and the UBOs and "flags" companies and/or UBOs that pose a potential sanctions risk.

Example of a portfolio screened for presence in Russia and Belarus.

How it works

How does the Potential Sanction Scan work?

We match your data with our database to add D-U-N-S numbers (if needed) and based on that we enrich the data with the GUP, DUP and UBOs. The more specific the supplied data is, the better the matching level.


Company name + country

Very Good

Company name + address + country


Company name + address + country + chamber of commerce/VAT/DUNS

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What can we help you with?

This depends on how complete the data is that we receive, but as a rule you can expect it to take about a week to screen a portfolio.

The cost depends on the number of records and how complete those records are. Therefore, you will always receive a customized price.

The quick scan is a snapshot. Your portfolio is scanned for the sanctions that are currently in place. In case of new sanctions, you can choose to have your portfolio scanned again, but you can also upload your portfolio in our compliance tool indueD, in which you can monitor companies and UBOs for current sanctions. If you don't have the resources for this yourself, we can do this for you via Managed Compliance.

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