Compliance is currently an issue at the highest level within the organisation. The screening of companies and UBOs for fraud, financial or political crime is more important than ever. Legislative and enforcement authorities are taking tough action and sky-high fines have long since ceased to be the exception.

Compliance Management 2.0

Protect your organization against financial crime, political crimes or getting involved in social scandals. With data and solutions from Altares Dun & Bradstreet, you can verify your business relationships, investigate their underlying connections and obtain a clear picture of possible risks.

Reduce risk

Through a systematic approach to third-party due diligence to minimize risk while protecting your brand, Altares Dun & Bradstreet provides you with the 360-degree insights you need in business partners, as well as screening to ensure full compliance with ABAC, AML, sanctions and other global regulations.

Accelerate Customer Due Diligence

With access to the world’s largest commercial database (with 330 million companies, one million PEPs and hundreds of sanction lists), Altares Dun & Bradstreet helps you verify the identity of companies and individuals, validate shareholders and establish Beneficial Ownership (UBO). Research customers via online reports, batch data or our APIs.

How our insights help minimise risk

Business verification

Verify your business relationship. Gain insight into the correct entity, international group structure and ultimately stakeholders at the push of a button.


Screen the entity, underlying parties and ultimately stakeholders on all sanction and PEP lists worldwide.


Anticipate changes and developments in your business portfolio to avoid emerging risk.

Risk prediction

Analyse risk profiles of third parties. View their history, business performance and future predictions.

All crucial insights for risk & compliance management

Company data

Verify the identity of the party with whom you do business and consult their risk profile.

Corporate structures

Discover international connections with underlying parties to which a company is related.

Directors & UBO

Mapping directors and identifying underlying stakeholders to know who you ultimately do business with

Sanctions and PEP lists

Screen both companies and individuals on all sanction lists worldwide, for a pure portfolio.

Risk indicators

In addition to scores and predictive models, consult other insights that help to avoid risks.

Official documentation

Consult documentation on news or court rulings as an additional substantiation


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