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True understanding of your market, target group and customers

Easily discover up- and cross sell opportunities

Increase the ROI of your market spending

Deep insights into customer, market and behavior

How it works

Everything you need to understand your customers

D&B Market Insight is een uitgebreide tool voor dataverkenning en -visualisatie waarmee je inzicht krijgt in je markt, klanten en klantgedrag. D&B Market Insight is gebouwd voor big data – het wordt geleverd met Dun & Bradstreet’s Data Cloud, waardoor je toegang hebt tot 235+ miljoen actieve bedrijfsrecords.

To build a Single Customer View you can add your customer data to Market Insight. This enables you to easily browse and analyze all your data in a single Data Platform. D&B Market Insight is easy to deploy, allowing you to start right away.

Bring internal and external data together in a powerful tool

Bring internal and external data together in a powerful tool

Effective January 1, 2019, Altares Dun & Bradstreet has entered into a partnership with Redshanks. Redshanks zal de supportactiviteiten voor Market Insight per direct overnemen en zal het eerste aanspreekpunt voor onze klanten worden. Voor de commerciële activiteiten wordt nauw samengewerkt met de accountmanagers van Altares – Dun & Bradstreet.

Altares - Redshanks Market Insights

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Market Insight


Produce intelligent segmentation

Selections are flexible and simple to manipulate, which means you can drill down into the data to uncover valuable insights & quickly build large datasets saving you time. Selection is at the core of all the work within market insight, enabling you to identify, count and later analyze a segment of your data.

  • Easily drag and drop data elements to build your selection;
  • Identify segments for highly targeted campaigns
  • Use all available data variables to make precise segmentations
  • Analyze your market space to discover new opportunities
  • Create your audience using Boolean logic
  • Use waterfall counts per data element to see what you are building
  • Create and save templates for quicker analysis
  • Use previous segmentations for a quick start
  • Schedule standard tasks to run automatically
Market Insight
tabellen visual

Discover how each variable relates to another

Break down data by using cubes, to gain a deeper understanding of the selected group. Discover interesting insights through thematical shading.

  • Examine relationships within data
  • Perform calculations between cells
  • Drag & drop highlighted cells to narrow down your selection 
  • (Un)fold nested data to reveal multidimensional categories using tree view

Visualize your insights

Are you more in to visually exploring your data? With charting you can deep dive into specific segments to get a better understanding. Quickly drill down into the details and create beautiful visualizations that you can share with your colleagues. Choose what type of chart you would like to use and customize colors, legend and labels.

  • Switch between an array of chart and graph types
  • Create stunning visualizations to better communicate findings
  • Retrace your steps using the Analyses Trail
  • Further explore a specific outcome
  • Share your findings as a visual representation
Market Insight

To see is to believe

Please contact us for a demo. We are happy to show you everything D&B Market Insight has to offer.

Ellipses of inter relations

Colorful ellipsis of interrelations

easily perform cross- and upselling analysis between product ranges or customer segments and select elements of any visualization to generate new highly targeted selections to optimize response rates.

  • Use actionable Venn diagrams to easily identify similarities and differences
  • Derive insights & patterns within chosen variables
  • Compare datasets, discover correlations and predict the likelihood of something happening
  • Customize the color scheme to match your company look and feel

Mapping has never been easier

Discover where your customers and prospects are located and use heat mapping to pin-point areas of high concentration.

  • Discover patterns in the geographical spread of your customers
  • Gain insight by visualizing the locations of customers and prospects
  • Find new target areas of untapped potential to increase sales
  • Pin a location and discover businesses in a certain radius or travel distance
Geotargeting has never been easierGeotargeting has never been easier