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In today's ultra-competitive marketplace, data-driven organizations have a distinct advantage over their rivals. Did you know that data-driven companies are 23x more likely to acquire new customers and 6x more likely to retain them?

We surveyed hundreds of B2B marketing professionals and found that nearly 40% feel their sales teams don't have the right account information to meaningfully engage with prospects and leads. D&B Hoovers can help close that gap and accelerate the path from prospect to profitable relationship through the effective use of data and analytics.

We believe there is a huge opportunity for B2B sales & marketing organizations to move from a traditional approach to prospects to one that accelerates sales.

D&B Hoovers leverages the world's largest commercial database and advanced analytics packed with insight to accelerate your sales process. It enables B2B sales and marketing professionals to accelerate sales, improve go-to market activities and increase business growth globally.

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An overview of all that D&B Hoovers has to offer

Advanced features for sales teams who want to search less and sell more.

Search for concepts, not just keywords

Our powerful search capabilities go beyond ordinary keywords. They help you understand how companies, contacts and industries are related to targeted topics such as "driverless cars" or "acquisitions." Our unique search features provide an alternative way to identify companies involved in emerging technologies such as "drone delivery" to help you find sales opportunities before your competitors discover them.

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