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Full insight into ESG performance with D&B ESG Platform

Establishing business relationships with ethical companies is one of the growing priorities for companies to mitigate risk, increase resilience and improve business performance. Our ESG insights make selecting ethical and sustainable third parties easier than ever.

With ESG data, you are able to

  • Evaluate ESG risks when onboarding third-party vendors and suppliers.
  • Monitor and evaluate specific ESG issues for selected suppliers.
  • To anticipate potential supply chain disruptions based on understanding ESG rankings at the company level.
  • Develop a materiality assessment to discover the greatest impact on the business and stakeholders.
13% of companies report having a complete and comprehensive understanding of their suppliers' ESG performance.
-KPMG 2020
9% Of the companies say they proactively deploy software for ESG data collection, analysis and reporting.
-World economic Forum, 2021
Of companies that focused on ESG, operational performance was improved, translating to higher cash flows.
-Oxford University


What can you expect from D&B ESG Platform

Global coverage

D&B ESG Platform provides comprehensive coverage. Corporate data on more than 60 million private and public companies worldwide directly linked to public ESG information. ESG data is available for entities in more than 176 countries, making this solution unique.

Our data is drawn from millions of verified and globally trusted sources to create detailed ESG rankings for 31 specific topics covering 13 ESG themes.

Achieve your ESG goals

  • Integrate ESG into the due diligence process use
    ESG data to integrate suppliers (and their) vendors on ESG risks throughout the procurement and supply chain from onboarding to ongoing risk monitoring.
  • ESG reporting
    Comply with ESG regulations and reporting requirements. Understand indirect supply chain impacts, such as emerging and previously unknown supply chain risks.
  • Identify ESG risks within the supply chain
      By having visibility into ESG performance, ESG-related risks such as  limit reputational, regulatory and physical risks from suppliers. 
  • Proactive monitoring of ESG performance.
    Effectively monitor ESG risks of supplier portfolio and perform routine checks easily.

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Free ESG Ranking Analysis

Our FREE ESG Ranking Analysis provides a snapshot of your third parties' ESG risks, broken down by theme and compared to industry averages.

What can we help you with?

With a free ESG Ranking Analysis you can get a snapshot of your third parties, broken down by theme. For in-depth analysis or more complex third party ESG risk issues, we have several tools that can be easily integrated into existing systems.

Request the free ESG Ranking Analysis and discuss your company's score with our consultant.

With ESG-Insights it is possible to get your own ESG score and compare it to the industry average. You can also see in what percentile your company performs within the same industry.

To see how many sources were used in calculating a company's ESG score, a letter is assigned to the company. At A most of the data is available and used for the analysis, at I only a self-assessment was used.

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