Credit Risk Management Automation

Automate large parts of the credit management process, including screening, customer acceptance, setting credit limits, data enrichment, monitoring and more.

Credit Risk Management Automation

What is credit risk management automation?

Credit Risk Management Automation creates one automated workflow for identifying, screening and monitoring customers and suppliers worldwide. Through custom scoring, customer segments can be assessed based on risk appetite and 24/7 monitoring ensures that you receive timely alerts on important changes in your portfolio.

Credit Risk Management Automation
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Credit Management VS Credit Risk Automation

Automate your workflow, save costs, and get your credit process in sync with the rest of the organization.

Credit Report
Customer Acceptance
Custom scoring

Credit Management

Manually request credit reports on a new customer or supplier.
Enrich accounts with deeper insights via batches of data.
Being surprised by risks due to changes at the customer or supplier.
Review and process new customers (partially) manually.
Screen customers and suppliers with a generic scoring model.
Use of different data sources create data silos.