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Managing third-party risk is vital to every business’ reputation and long-term success. But with growing regulatory requirements, compliance skills shortages and numerous potential sources of information, managing third-party risk as an organization can feel like a very painful process. This report will outline ten common myths about managing third-party risk that can often contribute to the challenge of compliance and offer insight into how data and automation can help.

  • Bust the 10 most commonly heard compliance myths

    This paper provides an overview of 10 commonly heard myths surrounding the management of third-party risks that often make compliance more difficult.
  • Explain how to establish a globally consistent compliance program

    Discover how you can pursue a single compliance policy globally as an organization, while maintaining room to apply it locally in a variety of ways.
  • Learn how external data and automation can help speed up compliance processes

    External data, and more importantly, automation, can thus be the solution for compliance teams to the growing number of challenges they face. This enables compliance experts to protect their organization and even add value to the business.

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