Allianz Trade uses Direct+ for international API and credit assessment

For more than 100 years, world market leader in credit insurance Allianz Trade has been offering security for companies doing business on credit. With a Standard & Poor's AA rating and Allianz as parent company, they are a reliable and experienced partner for their business customers. Allianz Trade collects insights on more than 83 million companies worldwide every day to assess the payment risk posed by potential partners.

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Data is the backbone of our business. In essence, we cannot function without reliable and up-to-date data. Data must be of good quality, readily available and relevant. These are key elements if we want to be able to do our work and serve our customers well everywhere. Atares Dun & Bradstreet helps us in that regard.”

Ugur Yucekaya
Head of Credit Assessment | Benelux

1.    The Challenge

Without data, we cannot do our work

Allianz Trade is committed to protecting companies against harm from unpaid invoices. The head office had the ambition to improve and streamline these services, as it was necessary to work even smarter, more efficiently and more cost-effectively within and between all offices internationally.

Altares Dun & Bradstreet provides reliable, real-time data through their worldwide network (WWN), consisting of the company's own branches and external information providers. A year ago, the head office of Allianz Trade decided to work with the same API worldwide, as this helps facilitate and streamline collaboration between the various offices. Not only is this more efficient for the specialists who serve the customers, but it is also easier for the IT department, which can solve technical problems faster in this way.
It was important for Allianz Trade to be able to deploy everything in a uniform manner within the various international offices and Altares Dun & Bradstreet was able to facilitate this. They helped implement the new solution in the Netherlands and Belgium.

2 The solution

International real-time data through Direct+

The solution was found when rolling out an API globally for all business customers. To make this possible, the company uses Direct+, a product provided by Altares Dun & Bradstreet. As a result, the cooperation between both companies has been extended by many years.

Allianz Trade employees have been working with Altares Dun & Bradstreet company data for several years. To ensure consistency when using the same API across offices, Altares Dun & Bradstreet offered the Direct+ solution which ensures that Allianz Trade can request accurate data about companies worldwide at all times. It also supports the IT connection of all offices within the company.

Almost all Allianz Trade employees get to use Direct+. The speed and quality of the data affect the entire company.

“We have to determine the potential risks associated with doing business with a company and that requires up-to-date data,” says Yucekaya. “This system allows us to operate easily and automatically worldwide.”


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3. The result

Global collaboration

“Implementing Direct+ also came with some challenges. This is often the case with IT deployments, and employees have had to work a little more during the implementation, but it’s an important and welcome investment for the future,” adds Yucekaya.

The new Direct+ solution offers Allianz Trade the opportunity to receive more data from companies all over the world. “Ultimately, our employees don’t notice it much”, continues Yucekaya. “But I consider that to be a positive thing. If you improve an entire system and most people don’t notice anything, except that everything is working faster and more efficiently, then you've done a good job.”

The Future

More international expansion is planned for the future. In addition to the Netherlands and Belgium, Altares Dun & Bradstreet is now implementing Direct+ and the same API in Luxembourg.

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