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Nicolas van den Meersche
Business Consultant

Webinar overview

Do you always have all the data you need on hand? And in the right place? The data you have at your disposal, is it really relevant to you? Finding or requesting important information for your work process can sometimes be a time-consuming affair. As a solution to this, more and more companies are choosing to integrate data centrally. With all the important information in one place, you make your CRM invaluable.

Data integration in Salesforce & Microsoft Dynamics

With a data integration on your Sales Force or Microsoft Dynamics, you can turn the value of data into time savings and growth. Enriching data in your existing systems ensures optimal data integrity, quality, fast connection between various systems, better processes and efficiency. By overlaying our global D-U-N-S number over your business data, you can automatically cleanse, enrich and maintain any business 24/7.

In this 50-minute webinar, we take you into the world of enterprise data. What knowledge transfer takes place between systems? What data can a connector integrate? And how do you get the full potential out of your CRM system? These and more questions will be answered during this webinar.

  • What is data quality?
  • How much duplicate information do I actually have?
  • What knowledge transfer occurs between systems?
  • What can a connector do?
  • What CRM do we have standard connectors for?
  • How does implementation work?
  • How do I set up workflows?
  • What can data enrichment from your website do?
  • Why should you get started on your MDM today?
  • How can you increase your ROI?

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