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Overcoming innovation obstacles as a Credit Manager

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Businesses adapt their way of working, implement innovation initiatives and just about every department takes innovation into account in their annual plans. As a credit manager, or finance leader, you sometimes have to decide to launch an innovation-oriented initiative, but you are also the person who can encourage such an initiative. Embracing change is a good first step. Are you looking for a problem for your solution or the solution to your problem? Discover in our paper how other companies have preceded you.

  • Increase efficiency

    Technology can help to effectively relieve team members. By redefining roles and splitting up tasks, talent can be better utilized.
  • Smart use of data

    Data-driven is more than just a hype, it's a success formula that entitles you to focus on your business goals.
  • Breaking down silos

    There is more data available than the data within your department. Crossing boundaries between functions can help your organization move forward.

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