Battle for data quality: cleaning and enriching company data in 4 steps (NL)

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The battle for data quality is a battle on many fronts. Quality is affected from several sides. For example, because many incorrect records are created through human error and data is often hidden in silos within a patchwork of systems and applications. To raise your data quality, several processes are needed: first cleaning, then enrichment and lastly keeping it clean.

In this white paper, we take a look at how to clean up and enrich your data about your business relationships such as customers, suppliers and prospects. First of all, we explain the importance of data quality. Then we explain how your organization can clean and enrich company data by following a 4-step plan. Finally, we examine the benefits of high data quality.

  • What is data quality?

    How do you measure your data quality? Data quality is determined by the degree to which the data meets five characteristics. We present these in our paper. In addition, we describe the benefits and pitfalls of working on your data quality.
  • How to clean up your data

    Contaminated corporate data is a threat to your business goals. Have you noticed that your master data is contaminated? Then it's time for a big cleanup.
  • Data enrichment: getting more value out of company data

    The method for increasing data quality: enrichment. Where cleaning is about eliminating contaminated data, enrichment is about adding value to existing data. Find out how to accomplish this.

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