Business vs. Compliance. How to keep the balance? (NL)

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On the one hand, your organization must be compliant and contain risks. And this in a world full of cross-border financial crime, financial uncertainty, geopolitical unrest, (financing of) terrorism, and tax and corruption scandals such as Panama Papers, Unaoil and VimpelCom. On the other hand, as you experience every day, business is pulling you. The organization must grow and become more efficient. On top of that, the competitive advantage needs to be stimulated through due diligence processes that increase throughput, reduce risks and cut costs. A due diligence report must be delivered within hours at the latest, but preferably within minutes. As a tightrope walker, how do you keep the balance?

  • As a tightrope walker, how do you keep your balance?

    The compliance playing field is getting bigger, more complex and riskier. You want to stay compliant, but at the same time the organization wants to continue to grow. Find out how to ensure that these two business objectives go hand in hand.
  • Benefits of external data in compliance

    Using external data for your compliance processes has 3 major advantages. We present them to you in this paper.
  • Staying compliant with the help of a data provider

    Learn in this white paper how, with the help of a data provider and smart compliance software, you stay compliant, avoid risk and facilitate growth.

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