Know your customer (KYC): challenges and solutions

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Exorbitant fines, reputational damage: the stakes of the Know Your Customer process are high. What are the main challenges within the KYC process? How does it work exactly? And what is the role of external data? In this paper, we explain all about the challenges of and solutions for KYC.

  • The importance of a well-organized KYC process

    Do you know your business relations? And do they have something on their minds? These questions are at the heart of Know Your Customer (KYC). Learn all about the importance of a well-oiled, high-quality KYC process.
  • The four steps in the KYC process

    The KYC process can be roughly divided into four steps. We explain them to you in this paper.
  • The role of external data in the KYC process

    Both your business relationships and the lists and other data you screen for change non-stop. It is impossible to collect all this data yourself. Find out how external data can help simplify and speed up the process.

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