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Altares integrates verified and structured B2B data from more than 30,000 sources, directly into your CRM

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Thorough cleaning of your CRM

To come clean, we must first see how the ship is standing. We therefore begin by matching the companies already in your system with our DUNS numbers.

As we match the companies with our own data, some duplicate records are bound to surface. These are often companies that are spelled differently each time, or that appear more than once in your CRM.

We remove all duplicates from the system to get everything clean again. We also enrich the records that remain with additional information such as sign authority(ies), new addresses and more.


Adding verified information

The accounts in your CRM are enriched with verified data. Your accounts are not only spotless, but are expanded with unprecedented amounts of valuable information.

data cloud sync

Realtime updated so always up to date

Accounts in your CRM are automatically updated through the Dun & Bradstreet data cloud. Company moved or even went out of business? No worries. Your CRM is always fully up-to-date!

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CM.com: A real-time CRM and higher conversion with company data from Dun & Bradstreet

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Reports and dashboards that provide real insight

Stop wasting time on those endless corrections to your data. Reports from your CRM are no longer cluttered with incomplete and duplicate records. Build dashboards with unprecedented insights and make data-driven decisions.


We have standard connectors for Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and Odoo. Do you use another CRM, such as Hubspot, Zoho, SAP or something else? No problem. Our API is vastly expanded and we are happy to work with you to see how we can best integrate our solution.

We start with an analysis of the current data in your CRM. We do this using an export. We look at how the data is structured and we provide insight into the quality of the data. We look at whether you have duplicate accounts, whether addresses are still correct and whether companies have closed or gone out of business.

Then the big cleanup starts. We deduplicate your accounts and add hundreds of verified data points. Think of trade numbers (such as KVK and KBO), DUNS numbers, address data, financial figures and much more. Creating an account is seconds work, and the system instantly notifies you if an account already exists. Contamination no longer has a chance.

Because we set up a connection to the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud, we keep all accounts in your CRM fresh and up-to-date. Company moved, closed or went out of business? Your CRM updates it automatically right away.

Of course, one of our specialists will gladly take the time to show you the solution with no obligation. If you want to book a demo you can do it here .
Every CRM is different and contains different (amounts of) data. Each integration is customized based on a CRM. Therefore we cannot give you a price directly. However, you can request a quote or schedule a meeting with our experts. During a meeting they will ask a number of questions so they can provide you with a customized price. Plan here a conversation or ask here your quote.