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Anne de Geus
June 25, 2019 - Reading Time 4 minutes

If you work in the compliance department, then you know better than anyone how important it is to remain compliant on the one hand and to support the business to achieve the desired growth on the other. It can be quite difficult to find a balance here.

Our industry-leading compliance solution, indueD, can help you achieve the unthinkable: master the complexities of compliance while achieving ethical business growth. And all in a cost-effective manner.

1.  Easily manage your portfolio

You import your entire portfolio at the click of a button via .csv or .xls. You can easily follow the status of the entire screening process from start to finish. Using the clear dashboard you keep an eye on all business relations and recognize risks at a glance.

2.  Tailoring your compliance score

IndueD is a reliable and personalized tool for your KYC procedures. The tool uses the world's most extensive collection of sanction lists, negative news, PEP and country risks. You decide what is important and what weight you attach to it. So you have a compliance score that fully fits the needs and policy of your organization.

3.  Accelerate the KYC decision-making process.

By streamlining procedures, you can make faster decisions without sacrificing results. You can digitize your entire KYC process from A to Z. Thanks to data visualization, looking up and understanding KYC data has never been easier.

4.  Quickly identify false-positives

A good process around false-positives is a must for any KYC process. IndueD offers a standard false-positive management module. Identification and recording of false positives can be done quickly and easily. This way you save valuable time!

5.  Use a modern, user-friendly web-based tool

With indueD, you have the world's most revolutionary web-based compliance solution on the market. The tool includes optimized dashboards and charts that help you better monitor and manage your portfolio at a glance. IndueD has a user-friendly interface and is fully compatible with all modern browsers. You will have the best user experience on desktop and tablet as well as on your cell phone.

6.  Receive alerts on changes

Does something change in your portfolio? Then you will receive a notification of this. This way you proactively monitor your focus-dashboard and you get to see which additional steps you need to take.

7.  Export and share with one click

You can easily export your portfolio indueD in the form of an Excel spreadsheet. Also, the KYC reports can be downloaded separately as a PDF for easy archiving and sharing.

Thanks to Dun & Bradstreet's unique global database indueD by Altares offers a unique experience for any compliance department. With the speed and effectiveness with which you can go through the KYC process, you become a true business partner for your organization.

In short: this is the solution to staying compliant and achieving rapid growth! Curious about what else indueD can do? Read here more about it and make our data work for you.

indueD Compliance

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