What is a Marketing Intelligence Platform and why you can't live without it

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Jefry Wierenga
Business Consultant - Altares Dun & Bradstreet
Marc Bijl
Managing Director - Redshanks

Webinar overview

Today, marketers have more data at their disposal than ever before. But it's not just about having that data; it's about how to leverage it to build better customer relationships and grow your business. That's where Market Intelligence Platforms (MIPs) can play a crucial role! 

Get to know your best customers a little better 
Customer data is the foundation of any effective marketing strategy. But often Sales & Marketing professionals struggle with incomplete or chaotically structured data. The optimal approach is to keep all your customer data in one central location: a MIP. With the capabilities of a MIP, you can see exactly how a customer interacts with your company and identify opportunities to improve personalization and apply cross-selling or upselling. This creates a full 360-degree view of your most valuable customers, while eliminating concerns about the quality and reliability of your data. 

"In a world of data, MIPs are the guides that lead companies to a winning course of customer satisfaction and growth." 

In our upcoming webinar, Marc Bijl, managing director of Redshanks, and Jefry Wieringa, sales & marketing consultant, will take you into the fascinating world of data-driven marketing and MIPs. The true potential of data-driven marketing is only realized when you deploy the right tools. 

Curious about how to find more customers who are similar to your most valuable customers? How to use MIPs to achieve a personalized approach? Which MIP is best suited for your business? This webinar provides answers to these and countless other questions. Register now and discover how to take your marketing strategy to the next level with MIPs.

  • That complex business structures yield unexpected benefits  
  • How a MIP can help you cross-sell and upsell, as well as new business  
  • Tapping into new segments to attract new customers 
  • Deploy a MIP for a personalized approach to prospects 
  • How to increase your ROI by deploying data-driven marketing  
  • Which MIP is right for you  

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