Cross-border approach to ascertaining an international UBO (NL)

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(Inter)national regulators are, understandably, setting more and more rules for the KYC process. An ever-increasing pile of responsibilities is placed on the shoulders of the compliance professional. And if the organization expands to another country? Then they may be faced with yet another set of foreign rules. In this paper we explain how to deal with UBOs across country borders.

  • How do you identify a UBO across the border?

    Identifying the UBO is one of the steps in the KYC process. There are several options to find out the corporate structure of your (international) business relation.
  • Why you want to unravel hidden UBO secrets

    What risks are involved if you are not aware of your business partner's UBOs?
  • Complex international structures

    Discover how to unravel complex UBO structures.

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