The biggest data bottlenecks for your organisation

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Data, we all use it. When we Google something, when we look up information about a company or when we are working in a CRM-system. Every day, we come into contact with over 1,000 data points from companies. Having a lot of data is, of course, nice. It allows you to know whether a customer can pay their bills, but also how you as a company are doing. The problem with having a lot of data is that you also have to store it somewhere and safeguard it. After all, all that data is of no use to you if you can't easily find and use it. In this whitepaper, we identify the four most common bottlenecks and show you how to solve and prevent them.

  • The four biggest data bottlenecks

    Data is collected by all kinds of departments, but often one clear process that is applied organisation-wide is missing. If you have a lot of data, there is also a high chance that your data is contaminated. Think duplicates, outdated data or faulty data. Combine missing processes with faulty data, and your company is soon missing out on more money than you think.
  • Creating a data culture in the workplace

    An effective data management system cannot exist without a culture change. Consider it an internal transformation. You can purchase an external solution, but this doesn't automatically eliminate all data problems. If your sales team isn't accustomed to inputting data, and your marketing department continues to gather incorrect data, not much will change even with an external solution in place. It's time to adjust the data culture as well.
  • Concrete solutions

    By implementing new processes, conducting a thorough data detox, and helping everyone within the organization recognize the value of data, you can overcome these bottlenecks. Additionally, our whitepaper provides extra tips on how to ensure that these bottlenecks don't resurface in the future and offers assistance with your data detox.

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