The potential of marketing intelligence: tooling, data & AI for b2b marketers (NL)

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Over the past decade, as a b2b marketer, you had no shortage of data and tools. In fact, quite the contrary. Marketers have access to over 5,000 specialized software tools and on average use around 70 different data sources. It all sounds like a treasure chest, but for marketers it often feels more like a swamp. After all, tying all that data together to get one complete view of customers and prospects? Until now, that was simply a bridge too far. In this white paper we explore the potential of marketing intelligence.

  • Marketing intelligence-tools

    To add value to your marketing organization, a marketing intelligence tool must meet a number of requirements. We discuss the requirements in this paper.
  • The role of data in AI

    89 percent of B2B marketers surveyed recognize that data quality is critical. We have an example of the importance of good data quality by illustrating the harm of poor data quality to companies.
  • Tips and take aways for marketers

    We give you tips for choosing a marketing intelligence tool and ensuring your data quality. Lastly, we discuss 3 ways AI helps marketers meet goals.

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