Potential Sanction Scan: Are your customers present in Russia or Belarus?

14x hit with D&B Credit as credit risk platform

Leestijd 4 minuten | Geschreven door Anne de Geus | 2 januari, 2020

Reducing credit risk within a company will be high on the agenda of every credit manager. D&B Credit is our advanced credit risk intelligence platform, which allows you to make smart and fast decisions about customer acceptance and receivables management. Since October 2019, you can also monitor all business relationships in 200 countries and receive automatic alerts.

Did you know that the predictive Paydex indicator can use to predict payment rates? And the data elements in D&B Credit are globally consistent and therefore deployable internationally. With over 330 million real-time records, you have 24/7 access to the agile and cloud-based platform. Read what other benefits it offers in our infographic.


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Anne de Geus

Marketing Campaign Officer

White paper

Credit Monitoring

Opportunities for your organization in focus

A credit check at customer acceptance is valuable, but also immediately outdated. The real credit risk actually begins after you have accepted a customer. accepted. The solution: monitor the financial health of your customers in real time.

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Credit Monitoring

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