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Every day we collect, analyze and structure huge amounts of financial data. Thanks to our patented quality processes and smart algorithms, we can inform you about the financial health of your customer, prospect, partner or supplier.

Overall Business Risk

Although each market worldwide has its own risk scores and ratings, Overall Business Risk uses data available locally to create a globally consistent picture that can be used to compare companies in different countries.

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You can do more with our credit data

Unravel corporate family structures

The Dun & Bradstreet Family Tree let’s you examine risk across an entire corporate entity, leveraging the power of the DUNS-number in our extensive database of corporate families. 

  • Visualize the subsidiaries and branch locations within a corporate entity 
  • Discover total risk in a corporate family and therefore better manage the portfolio
  • Assess the size of the company and possible conflicts of interest
  • Accurately report on larger suppliers
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D&B Credit

Juridische activiteiten

Past and present legal activities can impact a company’s financial stability and operations. Here you’ll discover lawsuits and resulting court rulings. Dun & Bradstreet is the only credit data provider that offers lawsuit data at an earlier stage.

Examples of legal activities that could affect your business include:

  • Insolvency events (such as administration, receivership and bankruptcy)
  • Court rulings
  • Other public filings

Unlimited credit checks?

Met D&B Credit check je ongelimiteerd de kredietwaardigheid van 500+ miljoen bedrijven wereldwijd.

Country Insight Snapshot

Consult Country Intelligence expertise

Dun & Bradstreet Country Insight Services provides you with the information, insight and expert recommendations to identify opportunities and risks whilst doing business across the globe.

  • Easily download a single country snapshot or full report within D&B Credit
  • Assess information about 132 countries
  • Use the Country Risk Indicator for a comparative cross-border assessment, ranging from DB1 through DB7, where 7 has the highest risk
  • Make safe decisions with AAA – the most well-known rating model on the market

Kredietwaardigheid checken in je CRM of ERP

With our API you transform the way you do business. You connect risk and financial data in the applications where you need it most. Offer your teams data & insights they need to improve the quality and speed of decision making to achieve better business results.

  • Add our financial data to your CRM or CRM ERP
  • Improve cash flow by reducing credit risk and identifying opportunities across the credit portfolio 
  • Synchronize the flow of information across all your financial systems for better & faster decisions
  • Automate decisions to manage risk, receivables, and collection priorities
D&B Credit

White paper

Preventing late payers and defaulters

Late payers and defaulters: no one wants them, almost everyone has them. As an organization, you don't want this, because in the worst case scenario, hinder the operations of your organization hinder. Five concrete tips for prompt payment.

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Why credit risk data from Altares Dun & Bradstreet?

Exclusive partner of the worldwide Dun & Bradstreet Network in the Benelux and France

Extensive knowledge of corporate structures, including financial insights into subsidiaries

175 years of experience

Patented data quality process

Daily monitoring and updates ensure always current data

What can we help you with?

For a clean, efficient and effective customer underwriting process, you need a reliable source of up-to-date business information. Integrate Dun & Bradstreet data directly into your own environment and automate your underwriting process for fast, informed and consistent decisions. Read more.

Did a promising lead come in? Good for you! But now it's time to make some business decisions. Are you going to accept him as a customer? Can he buy on credit, and if so on what terms? When making these decisions, use our reliable business information, such as our credit risk data. Then you avoid doing business with companies that actually cannot meet their financial obligations. Read more.

Altares Dun & Bradstreet's country information informs you of everything you need to know about doing business in a specific country. You will be kept informed of important changes and of expected national developments within a country that may affect your business. Read more.

By enriching your own client information with valuable Altares Dun & Bradstreet data, you create a clear overview and always know exactly how your client portfolio is doing. Where are your risks and where are your opportunities? Based on this insight you can segment your dunning process and determine focus within your portfolio. Read more.

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