Transportation company Lambert maintains lead through real-time data

Getting from A to B. In the most efficient, cost-effective and streamlined way. That’s what the West Flemish transport company Lambert TVSL has been doing for the past eight years for more than a hundred customers. Their transport services include logistics solutions such as refrigerated, frozen and general transport. Altares Dun & Bradstreet helps set this world in motion thanks to their high-quality credit reports featuring real-time, relevant and reliable company data. Lambert TVSL can check and monitor the financial heath of their customers over a central platform with insightful information, which links easily with their own software system. This enables them to select the right path on matters of credit and risk management.

Lambert TVSL


“A transport company is always in motion, literally and figuratively. We are always on the go; we need to be able to switch gears quickly and assess new customers fast. As the company grows, so does its network of customers. More than ever, this customer contact usually takes place digitally. You don’t have much to go on. Altares Dun & Bradstreet helps us make business choices in an informed way. All it takes is a simple check for us to automatically get insight into a company's financial health, determine which avenues we should pursue for collaboration, and assess whether there is a possible financial risk, both for new and existing customers.”

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Steven Vandenheede
CEO of Lambert TVSL

1.    The Challenge

How do you navigate customer connections easily?

Lambert TVSL uses its own software system to manage customers. Thanks to a smooth API connection, all the financial information provided by Altares Dun & Bradstreet is automatically loaded into their existing system.

"In the transport business, trust is crucial," explains Steven. “You want to build healthy and reliable customer relationships. Connecting is important, not just in our customer relationships. Our systems, too, need to be well coordinated, so that we can better focus on our core business. In consultation with our IT department, Altares Dun & Bradstreet developed an API connection which enabled such a smooth integration with our system.”

2 The solution

Alert on the road and in credit management

Thanks to the Direct+ toolkit, the real-time data needed by Lambert TVSL flows into their software system. They can monitor customers over a centralised platform and also receive automatic updates when their customers' financial circumstances are about to change.


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3. The result

Always moving towards better results

In addition, a brief meeting takes place every three months to check whether everything is going as it should and answer possible questions. Steven explains: “Thanks to the short lines of communication, we can act quickly together if we need to. We keep an open attitude towards each other. Even if there is nothing on the agenda, it's good to have this follow-up. This open mindset is what ensures that everything runs smoothly. Not only our customer relationships, but also our collaboration with Altares Dun & Bradstreet is future-proof.”

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