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Roon Hulshoff
Tom van Dael
CFO bij Fox-IT

Webinar overview

The real value of data-driven work
McKinsey found that only 6% of decision makers are satisfied with the current mata of innovation. The desire to innovate does not always lead to successful implementation. Change is exciting for all parties involved, and for innovation to be successful, leadership and vision are needed. With the advent of AI innovations such as ChapGPT, now is the time to develop an informed data strategy.

A data strategy streamlines business objectives
Data-driven initiatives are present in most organizations, departmental or otherwise, in some form. However, there is usually no organization-wide perspective on how insights from data can be applied across departments to provide scalable products and services. In data-driven development, it is therefore very important to have a unified vision and strategy. This is because these provide cohesion and alignment within the organization and streamline all data-driven initiatives toward one and the same goal.

'Companies that have spearheaded data-driven work as part of their strategy are seeing revenue growth, offering better customer experiences and simply operating more efficiently.'

In this webinar, Roon Hulshoff of Data Mind Your Business (DMYB) and Tom van Dael CFO at Fox-IT present their views on data-driven development. They argue that real value of data-driven work is expressed when, based on the insights gained, decision-making actions follow that focus on value realization with a strong focus on customer need and end user.

What is needed to successfully implement data-driven work? What knowledge transfer takes place between systems? And how do you get the full potential out of the existing assets? These and more questions will be answered during this webinar.

  • Swinging out data silos throughout your organization
  • What a foundation of data strategy consists of
  • How strategy, technology, process, organizational dynamics and human assets can be aligned
  • Innovate incrementally based on insights from data

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