Marketers think salespeople are lazy. but that's actually exactly how it should be!

Michiel Scheepens
April 15, 2024 - Reading time 5 minutes

Marketers often describe their colleagues in sales as 'lazy', with a slight negative undertone. But what if this 'laziness' is actually precisely what every company needs? Let's explore this provocative thought.

Everyone knows the stereotype of the lazy salesperson: they avoid administrative tasks, and their traces in the CRM (Salesforce, Hubspot, Dynamics, etc.) are often incomplete, duplicated, or even absent. They seem primarily focused on hunting for the next big opportunity, leaving a trail of unfinished paperwork in their wake. However, viewed from a different perspective, this attitude reveals a deep commitment to the core of what sales is—the art of closing deals.

Passion is what drives sales

Sales professionals are passionate about their craft. They talk with fire about new prospects and potential deals. This passion is what drives them, and often leads to success, even when their administration leaves much to be desired. And although they are often criticized for ignoring leads from marketing or following up too late, they still manage to bring in the crucial signatures. Why change an approach that works?

Problems with incorrect data

However, problems arise when other departments rely on these incomplete or incorrect data. Imagine if marketing has to develop a 'Marketing Automation' strategy with poor data from the CRM. Or if the management has to make future plans based on this uncertain information. The core question then is: is it reasonable to expect sales to shift their focus to administration?

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Strict KPI's

One possible solution could be to enforce accuracy in sales through strict KPIs or an abundance of mandatory data fields. An alternative is to establish a specialized department, Sales Support, to alleviate the administrative burdens of sales. However, the core question remains whether this doesn't take salespeople too far from their primary role.

Perhaps we should accept that sales should primarily focus on selling and that they should be supported to minimize their involvement in peripheral matters. This does not mean that the issues regarding data quality should be ignored.

3rd party data

This is where the value of third-party data in the CRM system becomes apparent. By integrating external, reliable datasets, we can fill in the gaps in our own data. This not only allows sales to focus on their strengths but also enables marketing, finance, and even the management to make informed decisions.

Incorporating high-quality external data into the CRM is not just a solution to the 'issue' of so-called lazy salespeople; it's a strategic move that can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire company. It ensures that all departments have access to complete, accurate, and up-to-date information—essential for executing successful marketing campaigns, financial forecasts, and strategic business planning.


Instead of trying to change the nature of sales, we'd be better off implementing systems that support and enhance their natural working style. This way, not only are sales figures optimized, but the entire company benefits from a more harmonious collaboration between departments. This is how we should view true collaboration between sales and marketing—not as a struggle, but as a synergistic dance, where each knows its role and excels in it.


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