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Over the past 178 years, Dun & Bradstreet has helped clients survive financial panics, recessions, the Great Depression, wars, pandemics and numerous global changes. We have helped our clients weather these storms through the power of better decisioning based on data and analytics.

We have taken several actions to help you manage risk and enable growth during this time:​

  • Dun & Bradstreet COVID-19 Impact Index for your customer portfolio, pipeline, or supply chain to provide a robust, dynamic, and integrated view of the key factors impacting your business
  • ‘Health Scans’ on your customer portfolio, to determine areas of risk and opportunity​
  • Opening additional solution capabilities to help you manage risk or uncover opportunity in new ways ​
  • Continued economic insights to support planning ​

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with Joris Peeters, Chief Data Scientist

“Although at first the virus and its economic impact seemed far away, they are now very real. Our booming economy has come to an abrupt standstill. Without income, countless companies are now dependent on their savings and state support. That has a major impact. And the longer this standstill lasts, the more severe the consequences will be.”

“Our models can withstand tough economic times. That’s what the past has shown. In the financial crisis, the world economy came to an abrupt standstill. Years later, we tested the bankruptcies predicted at the time with reality. Our predictions turned out to be quite accurate. You can simply rely on our Scorecards and Ratings, even in today’s hectic times”.

“Our data is still correct and serves as a reliable basis for forecasting. But today’s exceptional reality sometimes makes forecasting a bit more difficult. Therefore, in addition to our data and scores, use your common sense and look closely at today’s reality. This is more a case of taking a more critical look at the same data and scores. For example, in the case of a D&B Risk Indicator 3, it is good to be a bit more careful with the limit, especially when you notice that your customer’s payment behavior is starting to lag a little behind”.

“The data, ratings and models are as reliable as ever, but today it is more difficult to interpret that information. How, for example, do you view a negative equity or a complex family structure? In the past, you may not have found this insurmountable, but what do you think about it now? It is wise to assess more thoroughly and critically than you are used to”.

“Only when the economy gets back on track, we can look back on what happened. For example, in the wake of the financial crisis, it became apparent that many parent companies were relatively quick to remove subsidiaries from the family structure. That was unforeseen. In order to detect and analyze such developments at an early stage, our crisis management team meets daily. This enables us to anticipate immediately.

“Our way of working and service is no different than normal. Only where we depend on data from third parties, we cannot guarantee the delivery time. Feel free to ask us for an assessment with a ‘strict eye’. We will look extra closely at matters such as family structure and equity. Maybe we identify risks that you haven’t seen yet. A pleasant feeling of certainty.

“There are sectors that are facing a sharp drop in demand, such as tourism and hospitality, with little chance of catching up later. Sectors least directly affected are agriculture, construction and business services. We would like to become more specific than that. That is why we are currently converting all historical relationships into a relationship with the macro-economic conditions. If the European Central Bank gives a general forecast of how the Corona crisis will affect GDP shortly, we would like to be able to indicate the specific impact per sector. We are currently working hard on this. If you do a lot of business with countries outside Europe, you can review the current risks per country with our Country Insight Report”.

“We offer a Customer Risk Health Scan for Benelux customers. This free report identifies which customers within the portfolio are in an area affected by the coronavirus. By identifying the list of “risky” customers, we can help to proactively reduce business risks. Also, a new question now arises: how long can an organization meet its running costs without revenue? With a separate customized liquidity analysis, we are now mapping out this ‘buffer capacity’ for our entire database. Based on this, we can downgrade a rating of the first or second category on closer inspection. So that you can make better decisions. Even in these times.

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Our data analysts and Dun & Bradstreet analysts from all over the world are closely monitoring the situation surrounding the corona crisis. Risk assessment models are being updated globally at a local level.

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