Data Management

Everything starts with well managed data. Cleanse your data and enrich with extra insights to create a complete, well-structured information source. Depending on your goals, you can transform data into valuable insights to make smart decisions based on reliable facts.

Transform your databases in 3 steps


Match your (customer) company records to our unique D-U-N-S number and within no-time your data will be cleansed and structured. Easily identify and eliminate duplicates and invalid data across all your systems.


Enrich your cleansed database with deeper insights and transform your database into a trustful resource. Get in touch below to see which data elements we offer.


Connect with our global database and benefit from real-time data across your entire enterprise. Less manual input, automatic quality control and efficient business processes. Always trust accurate data for confident decision making.

The benefits for your organization

360° view on business relations

Company profiles of your business relations have never been this complete. Join forces across various departments to understand your relationships better than ever.

Strategic guidelines

Get a realistic reflection of your organization by using data-as-a-strategy to define your direction. Stay ahead of your competitors.

Improved communication

Get every professional from each department, region, and business unit work with the same, complete insights to reduce internal miscommunication.

Efficient workflow

Valuable insights should automatically flow to the right place within the enterprise. Automate time consuming processes, avoid unnecessary mistakes, and remain proactive.

Integrations en API’s

Connect to our global database via API to benefit from structured, high quality data. From standard APIs to complete customized solutions: with our plugins, you can integrate real-time data into any system.


Would you like advice on how your organization benefits from data or do you have a question? Please fill in our web form. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.