Businesses in Utrecht and Zeeland most stable

Reading time 5 minutes | Written by Anne de Geus | May 10, 2012

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Utrecht in neon letters

Businesses in Almere and Lelystad highest risk of bankruptcy

The provinces of Zeeland and Utrecht contain relatively the most financially sound companies. These are companies that are performing well and where the probability of bankruptcy is very low. Companies in the province of Flevoland are on average the least stable. This is evident from the D&B Rating of Dun & Bradstreet.

The D&B Rating is a predictive indicator for bankruptcy and business risks. For this purpose, a large number of individual data are converted into a clear assessment of a company's performance. The rating ranges from 1 (minimal risk) to 4 (considerable risk). In Zeeland and Utrecht, 8 percent of the companies have a rating of 1. Friesland is in third place with 7 percent. In Utrecht, 72 percent of companies also have a rating 2 (low risk), compared to 66 percent in Zeeland. Jan Willem de Vries, managing director of Dun & Bradstreet: 'These provinces can be proud that many businesses have a good credit rating and a minimal risk of bankruptcy. For other parties it is attractive to do business with them and this in turn is beneficial for the economic climate in a city.

Cities province of Utrecht in top

Dun & Bradstreet also examined which of the 100 cities with the most businesses, are the most financially sound. Once again, the province of Utrecht is doing well: in Woerden and Soest 9 percent of the companies have a rating of 1, in Baarn 8 percent. Lelystad and Almere are at the bottom of the league, in these cities only 1 percent have the highest rating. Also among the 10 largest Dutch cities, Utrecht tops the list with 6 percent. 'Of course it is annoying that these cities have few companies with a high rating. But Flevoland is a relatively young province with many young companies. And companies that have recently started up simply have a higher average risk,' says De Vries.

Percentage of companies with the highest D&B Rating

Counties 10 largest cities
1. Utrecht (8%) 1. Utrecht (6%)
2. Zeeland (8%) 2. Amsterdam (5%)
3. Friesland (7%) 3. Haarlem (5%)
4. North Holland (6%) 4. Rotterdam (4%)
5. South Holland (5%) 5. Breda (4%)
6. North Brabant (5%) 6. Tilburg (4%)
7. Limburg (4%) 7. Eindhoven (3%)
8. Gelderland (4%) 8. The Hague (3%)
9. Groningen (4%) 9. Groningen (3%)
10. Overijssel (3%) 10. Almere (1%)
11. Drenthe (3%)
12. Flevoland (1%)

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