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Working data-driven - An infographic

Reading Time 4 minutes | Written by Michiel Scheepens | April 25, 2018

Companies that are data-driven have an enormous advantage over their competitors. Do you have access to high-quality company data and do you know how to process it intelligently? Then golden mountains lie ahead. Dun & Bradstreet as the world's largest commercial database with D-U-N-S number as unique identifier for master data offers a solution for both aspects.

Goldmines through Data

Fact of the day: these companies that operate data-driven are 23 times more likely to bring in new customers and 6 times more likely to retain existing customers, a McKinsey study found. Want to know how this came about? Check out the infographic we created for you.

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Michiel Scheepens

Marketing Team Coordinator

White paper

Data Detox

Get rid of your excess data pounds

Dirty data is costing companies worldwide clamshells of money. In addition, they miss out on profits because they cannot keep up with competitors competitors who are smarter with data and analytics. With this white paper we get you ready for efficient data management.

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Data Detox

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